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Fans of Evangelion

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Created on 2010-09-24 11:45:11 (#644318), last updated 2010-09-24 (369 weeks ago)

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Name:Fans of Evangelion
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A community for fans of the Evangelion franchise. This is a place to post info, discussion, fanworks, and anything related to the various Eva anime, manga, & movies that have been produced.

A few simple rules:

1) Place large blocks of text and/or images under a cut.

2) Posts containing adult content should be marked with DW's rating system.

3) Advertising is allowed only if it is directly related to Evangelion.

4) For any questions or issues, feel free to send a PM my way.

Current layout by [personal profile] winterfish.

Interests (26):

angels, asuka langley soryu, end of evangelion, evangelion, evangelion: campus apocalypse, evas, gendo ikari, kaworu nagisa, kozo fuyutsuki, mari illustrious makinami, misato katsuragi, neon genesis evangelion, neon genesis evangelion: angelic days, neon genesis evangelion: gakuen datenroku, nerv, pen pen, rebuild of evangelion, rei ayanami, ritsuko akagi, ryoji kaji, seele, shin seiki evangerion, shinji ikari, toji suzuhara, tokyo-3, yui ikari
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